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“To achieve great things, two things are needed: A plan and not quite enough time.”

Leonard Bernstein

Artists of the Industry was born, fed, and nurtured as a baby inside the Live Event Industry. Its roots are deep and its experience wide. Understanding of global event spaces, what it means to capture an audience through storytelling and how the stage brings to life an idea, a message and a call to action is at the core of AOFTHEI.

Once upon a time, the AOFTHEI founders were, in fact, the leaders, President and CEO and SVP of Creative and CMO of one of the fastest growing event technology production companies in the world. Then along came a larger company and gobbled them up, leaving these two leaders floating in the galaxy with nothing but ideas and passion for the art of creating amazing live events in their heads and hearts. However, these innovators of extreme customer experience and technologists of the future had the next chapter of the story in hand and ready to unleash into the universe in order to revolutionize the meetings and events industry. Artists of the Industry has emerged with creative production, event marketing and an incredibly immersive and experiential ways to stimulate, engage and excite the crowd to incite the next change in this magical industry of corporate communication.